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Hello Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that you might not see me for awhile, right when I got back in-game last week my gaming computer fried. I might not have it fixed until next 2-3 weeks or so. :(
Hey everyone - if you don't see me online I'm likely over on Maj'Dul running Ulumet. Am keeping an eye on AB homeshow and HaT in any case! K-
Happy 4th Everyone!
Hello all, I am back! Wanted everyone to know that I am still alive. I moved to Missouri to visit family for the summer, and I just got my internet set up here. :) Hope everyone is doing good. Happy Gaming!
By any chance can someone adjust the hiring a decorator cost per house to a more current currency number since there's more plat in game now
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New Supply Officer: Strings!

Posted May 4, 16
For many months now, Strings has been helping us out with maintaining the harvest spreadsheet and updating the information in game to tell everyone what we need to harvest.  This is an indepth process that does take some time to upd...

Guild Updates

Posted Jan 25, 16
Hello friendlies. It's been a while.GUILD POINTS UPDATEMany moons ago, there were requests by some members to be able to see their points histories or have access to the spreadsheet we used to track points.  For many reasons, we wer...

Secret Santug Update

Posted Dec 23, 15
Greetings, Decorators!The usual plan for the SSHHS is for the organizers to go through the various houses and check to make sure that everything has been completed.Unfortunately, I’ve come down with a horrible case of food poisoning, and...
Secret Santug Holiday House Swap ReminderGreetings, Secret Santug Holiday House Swap decorators!This is a reminder that you have 5 more days after today to finish up your Secret Santug Holiday House Swap house. December 23rd is the last ...
Homes and Tomes proudly presents:Secret Santug Holiday House Swap 2015It’s that time of year again as the holidays slowly creep up on us… that time of year to make someone else’s year-ending incredible and exciting.The Secret Santug Holi...
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